In August 2010 a group of twenty-three East Anglian artists had their first exhibition in Bury St. Edmund, Suffolk with paintings and drawings devoted to the plant kingdom. Following its success Iceni Botanical Artists was born in October of the same year with aims of encouraging and practising a high standard of all forms of botanical art through annual exhibitions by members. Their work contains both scientifically accurate plant portraits and freer interpretations.


Flower painters have been part of the art world for a very long time. Botanical art, and illustration in particular, have feet in both camps of science and art and can raise the level above pure illustration to become a wonderful art work in it’s own right.

The history of this style of painting goes back to earliest times when flower drawings were made to assist in the identification of plants to be used for medicinal purposes. It then progressed through a need for more realistic images and a revival of naturalism, to express the sheer beauty of the plant world.

As the science of botany and the understanding of the structures of plants developed, along with new interests in gardening and plant collecting world wide (on several voyages of discovery to new worlds artists accompanied the botanists to record new findings), flower artists were able to record accurately the details to satisfy the plant world as well as expressing the subject through an artist’s eyes.

Over time this interest has not diminished, with a current renaissance all over the country of artists wishing to learn the techniques involved, and there are many fine artists today whose standards are surpassing those set in the Golden Age of the 18th Century.

We hope that you enjoy the slide show, and you will find more members' art in the Gallery section.